Y99 Chat

Y99 is a new video chat and chatrooms available free online. Its best features? It natively supports text and voice chat with your friends. In addition, a webcam system is also available to the most adventurous Internet users. Afterwards, you will have the possibility to add people to your contacts and talk to them. Of course the site is compatible with most mobile devices.

Y99 Chat

A mobile chat site

Is there a charge for this site? No, Y99 chat is a free chat platform that allows you to chat with other people without having to download an application from your smartphone and pay for it. Indeed, you will never have to pay anything, everything is free. Please note that Y99 looks very much like a site like Chat-Avenue. It really works very similarly.

If you are looking for one of the best online dating sites, then, you can visit free Y99 chat with peace of mind. Are you looking for new friends? In that case, Y99.in chatroulette is the perfect solution for you. Indeed, this type of video chat is a little different from the "chatrooms" since it is a "cam to cam". With this method, you go from one partner to another very quickly, so you multiply your chances of dating.

Y99 Chat mobile

Y99 an anonymous video chat

Nowadays, in this world where most people are busy, many choose to spend a lot of time on Netflix or Tinder. Henceforth, there are other alternatives to these hobbies. This is where the dating site Y99.in can become very appealing to you. Obviously, dating on Y99 is very different from the relationships found on dating sites. But, it's not impossible for two people to create a long-term relationship on a chatroom site like Y99. The trick? Make it a point to contact girls and guys by private message in anonymous mode! Success guaranteed. The "Memes" option is also an interesting place to make original encounters.

In general, chat sites like Y99 are a great way to meet potential friends, and maybe even your next crush. However, don't give out any personal information about yourself. Also, don't give out your marital status, phone number or mailing address. If you must meet a friend online in real life, always ask someone to accompany you. Finally, meet them in a public place.

Making friends in Y99 chat

Here are a few things to keep in mind when making new friends online:

Be careful. Before you start chatting with someone, it's a good idea to do some research on that person. Then use a search engine to find information about him or her, but it's best to do your own investigation. Start by asking them the basic questions (name, gender, location), then ask them deeper questions, like what they do for fun, what their family is like, or if they ever want to see each other. If they give vague answers or don't answer your questions at all, it's best to avoid them and move on to another partner/single.

An international video chat

On international video chat, always be respectful even if you are chatting anonymously. There are many international chat rooms you can join for free, allowing you to meet people from all over the world.

Truth be told, not all Internet users are looking for the same thing you are. Because of this, you need to be patient and polite. On a international chatrooms site, some people just want someone to chat with occasionally, while others are looking for long-term relationships or romantic encounters.In short, make sure you are on the same page before you spend hours getting to know someone. At the bottom of the site, there are also a few sex chatrooms for girls or guys who want to do sexcams. Unsurprisingly, these rooms are reserved for an adult and exhibitionist audience.

Random Chat

Remind again that it is also important that you are polite and treat everyone with respect (even if you don't speak the same language). Let's conclude this text by pointing out that you can create your own chat room for free or participate in "Random Chat" sessions. The latter is absolutely funny and addictive. This is the most popular page on the Y99 site.

Our review of Y99.in

Y99.in is a free dating website that focuses more on singles, couples and chatroom fans. This website will offer you the freedom that you want if you want to meet someone. Finally, you will be able to easily browse through the different sections and find new friends.